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Darwinian evolution of molecules.

Oppressed and frightened people over time came to the conclusion that the plague was spread by the so-called outcasts who wished the death of the entire population. The pursuit of the suspects began. They were forcibly dragged to the infirmary. Many of the people identified as suspects have committed suicide. A suicide epidemic has hit Europe. The problem has reached such proportions that the authorities have threatened those who commit suicide to put their corpses on public display.

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The system, Bernard notes, is reliable, battery-operated, and affordable. Each component can be supplemented with new devices or used separately, and very little time is spent on communication with the satellite. Bubonic plague (photo) - symptoms of infection, treatment. Since many people were sure that they had very little time left to live, they indulged in all serious things: they were addicted to alcohol, they were looking for entertainment with women of easy virtue. This lifestyle further intensified the epidemic.

The pandemic has reached such proportions that the corpses were taken out at night, dumping them in special pits and burying them.

Sometimes it happened that plague patients appeared in society on purpose, trying to infect as many enemies as possible. It was also due to the fact that it was believed that the plague would recede if it was passed on to another.

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The following main forms of human plague are distinguished: In addition, there are such rare forms of colchicine as skin, pharyngeal, meningeal, asymptomatic, abortive. Plague disease has an incubation period of 3 to 6 days, sometimes - 1-2 days (with a primary pulmonary or septic form) or 7-9 days (in vaccinated or already recovered patients).


All forms are characterized by a sudden onset with severe symptoms and an intoxication syndrome, manifested as follows:

Statistics show that bubonic plague is the most common type of the disease, which develops in 80% of those infected when the pathogenic bacterium penetrates through the mucous membranes and skin. In this case, the infection spreads through the lymphatic system, causinginflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes, in rare cases - axillary or cervical.

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This form is diagnosed in 5-10% of patients, while the plague develops after aerogenic infection (primary) or as a complication of the bubonic form (secondary). This is the most dangerous variety, and the specific signs of plague in humans in this case are observed approximately 2-3 days after the onset of acute intoxication symptoms. The causative agent affects the walls of the pulmonary alveoli, causing necrotic phenomena.

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The primary septic form of Colchicine, which develops when a massive dose of microbes enters the bloodstream, is rare, but it is very difficult. Intoxication symptoms occur at lightning speed, as the pathogen spreads to all organs. There are numerous hemorrhages in the skin and mucous tissues, conjunctiva, intestinal and renal bleeding, the rapid development of infectious-toxic shock. Sometimes this form proceeds as a secondary complication of other varieties of plague, which is manifested by the formation of secondary buboes.


The resulting buboes are single and multiple, their size can vary from 3 to 10 cm, and in their development they often go through several stages: The salient features are:

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